".. your Phoenix Rising presentation was very inspiring and several members spoke with me after to tell me how courageous they thought you were to share your life's journey with us ... we are never too old to learn to Discover the Power Within." ...

Evelyn Lonergan
Telco Community Volunteers
Scarborough Branch


A little bit about Marty ..having covered the gamut of career levels, from programmer to project manager to department manager to VP and back, he has worked as an employee, been in management and functioned as a consultant ... so he's viewed life from all sides of the corporate desk.

Marty’s passion is for helping organizations develop competent, motivated employees, who are capable of communicating concepts, gaining acceptance for their ideas and achieving the organization’s vision.

Marty is a dynamic public speaker, workshop presenter and meeting facilitator who has spent a lifetime guiding people and helping small, medium and large sized organizations deliver results

Some of his favourite topics are:
  • Presentation PiZAZZ .. curing Death by PowerPoint
  • Get to the Point .. or lose your job!
  • Phoenix Rising ... discover the power within
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Marty MacPhail

Clear Communication + Good Design = SUCCESS

For over 20 years Marty MacPhail has focused on this formula. As the founder of Millennium Dimensions Inc., and DesignStyleTaste.com, he has helped small, medium and large sized corporations understand that good design and clear communication is good for business.


Marty believes in sharing the knowledge he has gained and the talents and creativity he has been gifted with.

With his years of experience in managing projects, facilitating meetings and delivering presentations, he possess an in-depth understanding of the important role that design and delivery skills play in communicating effectively within the corporate world.

His popular "Presentation PiZAZZ" series of workshops and clinics have helped marketing and sales groups improve their presentation and delivery skills thus gaining competitive advantages.

Many organizations are recognizing the huge cost of poorly conducted meetings and badly delivered presentations. The meeting facilitation and presentation skills development and training Marty offers is aimed at drastically improving the efficiency and effectiveness of business meetings and presentations thereby having a direct impact on both top-line and bottom-line performance.

Having worked with PowerPoint since Version 1, Marty have seen its use go from bad to worse to “Death By PowerPoint.”


Selling a house ranks in the top most stressful events that people encounter in their lives. So Marty applied his marketing and design skills and authored the Do-It-Yourself Home Staging Kit and established DesignStyleTaste.com because he saw where he could help thousands of homeowners cope with these stresses.

Marty's "Home Staging 101 for Homeowners" workshop is offered in conjunction with Centennial College and is based on his successful Do-It-Yourself Home Staging Kit.

And his "Home to House" workshop provides real estate agents an understanding of how Home Staging can help them and their homeowners sell faster and for maximum value.

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