Part of the Presentation PiZAZZ Series

Get To The Point

.. or lose your job!

In today's economy where costs are being slashed, jobs are being eliminated and people are being let go, nobody can afford to continue making the most common mistake made in a business presentation. If making presentations is part of your career and you want job security, this workshop is a MUST SEE for you!


Participants will

  • acquire an understanding of simple, easy to follow steps that guide you through the development of a POWERFUL PRESENTATION
  • discover that responding to WIIFM “what’s in it for me?” can be the WRONG APPROACH
  • gain an understanding of why developing an effective presentation is similar to BUILDING A PYRAMID
  • identify the reasons a presentation can be a HUGE SUCCESS with one audience and a total failure with a different group
  • learn why it’s a MISTAKE to make your AUDIENCE THINK
  • discover why “KNOWLEDGE can be a CURSE.


Many presenters make the common mistake of believing that for their audience to understand ANYTHING, they must be told EVERYTHING. Further compounding this mistake, most presenters follow the “Frankenstein” approach to presentation development and delivery.. disorganized development results in disorganized delivery!

And then they don’t understand why their audience “didn’t get it.”

This workshop provides easy to follow steps that guide participants through the development of a POWERFUL PRESENTATION so the audience will understand AND remember the core message.

The workshop, which is a subset of the intensive Presentation PiZAZZ Series, helps attendees understand why preparation and planning are the keys to successful presentations and what should be done to ensure success!

The “Get to the Point” workshop offers tips, techniques and insights to enhance the effectiveness of your presentations and ensure your job security.


Lecture + Audience Participation + Case Study Review


Variable to suit needs .. 45 minutes - 2 hours


Get to the Point is part of the Presentation PiZAZZ Series of workshops which which can be customized to the specific requirements of your organization and can be delivered as Lunch'n Learn sessions. They provide your group the opportunity to build their skills and immediately put these into practice.

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