".. your presentation was very inspiring and several members spoke with me after to tell me how courageous they thought you were to share your life's journey with us ... we are never too old to learn to Discover the Power Within."
... Evelyn Lonergan
Telco Community Volunteers
Scarborough Branch

Thank You Note from
Toastmasters International District 60
Fall 2009 Conference Education Chairperson

".. very candid and spoken from the heart."

".. thought-provoking, motivational & inspirational."
... Presentation attendee comments
Toastmasters International Conference

Phoenix Rising

... discover the power within


  • Discover how thoughts and beliefs have literally created your life
  • Acquire an understanding of why mind control is essential
  • Gain insight to how a little “c” separates failure from success
  • Learn practical and effective techniques that can deliver life-changing results
  • Find out how to gain and maintain control of your life


As a drug-addicted, alcoholic, Marty’s life was going nowhere .. and fast. But all that changed when he discovered how his thoughts were affecting his feelings, which affected his actions and his results. Although the road to recovery was ragged and jagged, Marty found it to be filled with valuable life-lessons.

In this presentation Marty shares his journey and his discoveries so you can get beyond feeling like you’re stuck in a rut, trapped on a treadmill or going nowhere.

This presentation helps you understand how to take charge of your life by applying some very simple principles ... as easy as 2+2 = 4. In it, you will gain insight to a variety of practical, easy to implement steps that can deliver success in all areas of your life.


Keynote + Audience Participation


1-2 hours


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