"Presentation PiZAZZ is a must-see workshop for anyone who uses PowerPoint as a presentation tool. Marty MacPhail will entertain you and help you discover simple, easy steps to becoming a dynamic presenter while making your presentations memorable, informative and persuasive.”
... Vikas Jhingran
2007 World Champion of Public Speaking

".. very good, well organized, and I learned how to better put together business presentations."
... Kim Diamond, Marketing Coordinator
BrandSpark International

"Excellent, excellent presentation.."

"Great information and very entertaining! I didn't want it to end!"

" This will help me improve my presentations."

"Makes me rethink about my verbal communication with clients on a one-to-one basis."
... workshop attendee comments
Arthritis Society 2009 Fall Conference

"Excellent presentation on a very relevant topic."
"Easy to follow with excellent examples and great before and after comparisons."
"Entertaining and enthusiastically delivered."
"Excellent speakers, delivered dynamically."
... workshop attendee comments
District 60 2008 Spring Conference
Toastmasters International

Presentation PiZAZZ

Transform your presentations from
"What a waste of time!" to
"WOW! That was GREAT!!"

Presentation PiZAZZ is for anyone who truly cares about their career, their message and their audience. It's a potent prescription to cure Death by PowerPoint ... a pandemic infiltrating meeting rooms everywhere causing serious audience pain and presenter stress, and wasting valuable time and company money ... not to be taken lightly in today's sick economy!


Participants will

  • discover how to be better presenters and how to use PowerPoint as an effective presentation SUPPORT tool
  • develop a better understanding of the difference between a report and a presentation
  • find out why a presentation needs to appeal to both the emotional “right brain” and the logical “left brain”
  • learn how to make a presentation more persuasive by incorporating logic and emotion
  • acquire an understanding of why choreography is a significant element of an effective presentation
  • learn practical and effective design tips for more powerful and memorable slides


PowerPoint is the most used and abused tool in business today. Presenters use PowerPoint as a crutch, they use it as a report rather than a presentation. This clinic reinforces the importance of the presenter and emphasizes that PowerPoint is a tool to help communicate. The clinic focuses on the importance of using PowerPoint for persuasion purposes.

The Presentation PiZAZZ clinic differentiates between a report and a presentation. The clinic helps participants understand why it’s important to appeal to logic and emotion during a presentation. Participants will discover different ways to appeal to the logical left-brain and the emotional right-brain. Participants will also gain insight to the importance of words, slides and choreography.

The clinic provides practical design tips for PowerPoint slides to enhance the effectiveness of a presentation and reinforce the key points and ingrain them in audience’s memories. The Presentation PiZAZZ clinic offers advice regarding which PowerPoint features to use and which features to avoid.


Lecture + Audience Participation + Case Study Review


Variable to suit needs .. 2 hour, half-day, full day or longer


Presentation PiZAZZ workshop can be customized to the specific requirements of your organization and can be delivered as online-webinars or Lunch'n Learn sessions. They provide your group the opportunity to build their skills and immediately put these into practice.

Contact me at 416-461-2058 to see how I can help your organization achieve direct cost savings as a result of more effective and productive meetings and presentations.


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