Part of the Presentation PiZAZZ Series

From Speaker To Trainer

How to Plan, Prepare and Present a Training Session

Properly trained people are more motivated, more productive and make fewer mistakes. Well trained people can make the difference between success and failure.

In today's world where change is continuous, those who understand how to facilitate meetings or presentations and leverage them as training and learning opportunities for their audience, will be the people with the greatest potential for job advancement

If conducting meetings or making presentations is part of your career and you want job security, this workshop is a MUST SEE for you!


Participants will learn how to

  • develop a training session
  • determine training objectives
  • create a lesson plan based on adult learning theories
  • choose the right training methods
  • apply facilitative techniques
  • evaluate the training session


Many workshop/training session presenters make the common mistake of believing that for their audience to understand ANYTHING, they must be TOLD EVERYTHING.

To motivate an audience you must involve them in their learning journey. An effective Trainer understands that active audience participation and two-way communication are vital to the success of ANY training session.

Clearly defined objectives combined with the right training methods and properly utilized facilitation techniques can make the difference between success and failure.

This is a "Train the Trainer" type of workshop that provides easy to follow steps that guide participants through the planning, preparation, design, development and facilitation of a EFFECTIVE TRAINING SESSION.

The workshop, which is a subset of the intensive Presentation PiZAZZ Series, helps attendees understand why preparation and planning are the keys to successful presentations and what should be done to ensure success!


Lecture + Audience Participation + Case Study Review


Variable to suit needs .. 5 - 8 hours


Speaker To Trainer is part of the Presentation PiZAZZ Series of workshops which which can be customized to the specific requirements of your organization and can be delivered as Lunch'n Learn sessions. They provide your group the opportunity to build their skills and immediately put these into practice.

Contact me at 416-461-2058 to see how I can help your organization achieve direct cost savings as a result of more effective and productive meetings and presentations.


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