Presentation PiZAZZ

How To Effectively Integrate PowerPoint Into Your Presentations

PowerPoint is the most used and most abused tool in business today. Discover how to put PiZAZZ into your presentations. Discover secrets, tips and techniques for successful and memorable presentations. If making presentations is part of your career, this workshop is a MUST for you.


Get To The Point

... or lose your job!

In today's economy where costs are being slashed, jobs are bring eliminated and people are being let go, can you afford to continue making the most common mistake made in a business presentation? If making presentations is part of your career and you want job security, this workshop is a MUST SEE for you.


Powerfully Persuasive Presentations

Your success depends on your ability to persuade
… how’s it working for you so far?

This workshop will give you an edge by making you a more persuasive presenter. It is specially designed to help you deliver presentations that will enthuse, motivate, excite and stimulate your audiences. Learn how you can develop your skills in delivering a captivating and inspiring presentation.


From Speaker To Trainer

How to Plan, Prepare and Present a Training Session

In today's world where change is continuous, those who understand how to facilitate meetings or presentations and leverage them as training and learning opportunities for their audience, will be the people with the greatest potential for job advancement. If conducting meetings or making presentations is part of your career and you want job advancement opportunbities, this workshop is a MUST ATTEND for you!


Home Staging for Homeowners

Sell Your House Faster and For More Money

Get a competitive advantage in today’s challenging housing market. Learn tips and techniques to sell you house FASTER and for MORE MONEY. This fun-filled and highly informative workshop presents the time-tested, proven Tips & Techniques that have helped sell over $1.5 Billion worth of Real Estate. Based on the Do-It-Yourself Home Staging Kit by Marty MacPhail.


Phoenix Rising

... discover the power within

Discover the powerful life-lessons learned on the ragged and jagged road to recovery by a drug-addicted, alcoholic. Learn how your thoughts and beliefs can have a powerful impact on your success. This presentation will help you understand that success always has, and always will be predictable.



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